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“So many people told me that my story is inspirational”, she recalls.“I’m proof that it’s never too late to find love – and that gives single people of all ages a reason for hope.” A seasoned Matchmaker and Dating Coach, Glaser believes “the key to finding love is creating new opportunities to meet new people,” which helps explain the popularity of the 8minute speed dating events as well as the other singles events that she hosts throughout New Jersey.Ideas we love from institutions everywhere: University College Dublin's September 2015 Woodland Walkies event brought alumni and community members to campus for a day of guided walks, animal behavior talks, pet care tips from practitioners and students at UCD's School of Veterinary Medicine; Wake Forest University's June 2015 "52 Hours of Giving" annual fund campaign challenge spurred excitement with a limited edition deck of playing cards; and Imperial College London's October 2015 Imperial Apocalypse social media campaign encouraged students to submit scientific tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse.The University of Houston's 2016 Distinguished Alumni Awards Gala helped some students and graduates earn cash.This was a best-case scenario: a speed-dating match—and a job well done.When the bell tolled for me—that is, my stint as a speed-dating event coordinator ended—I wistfully packed up the vestiges of the tumultuous relationship in a cardboard box.Four years ago, she was hosting an evening of 8 Minute Dating in Princeton, NJ, when one of the participants approached her with what would prove to be a life changing question.

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Risa goes out of her way to ensure every one is having a great time and personally gets to know every one and takes interest in each person.

But frankly, I had no use for the Valentine-red baby doll T-shirt they sent me with “Single? I may have been too emotionally involved for the job, too eager to see love blossom.

Every speed-dating event I hosted was like sending my kids off to the junior prom. To me, they were all princes and princesses arriving at the ball, but with name tags and cocktails. A Night of Latin Passion My first event, geared to the 30-something crowd, was at a hot Latin restaurant, known for its authentic dishes and outrageous salsa parties.

Your turnout is incredible and you do a great job of promoting your event.

In addition, you manage the event very well and make it look simple by keeping everything very organized.The potato salad, creamy and infused with smoky bacon, is on the shortlist of the best in town.