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This is a step into the future of sports watching, and OTOY intends to record footages of future events using an experimental light field camera – specifically designed for even greater, richer quality VR experiences.If proved successful, OTOY will be utilizing this experimental camera for live-streamed hockey games in virtual reality as well.Bravo’s shorts employ the visual grammar of art-house cinema: over-the-shoulder shots representing a character’s point of view, handheld tracking shots depicting urgent movement, lingering closeups to heighten intimacy or unease, carefully composed establishing shots with an actor in the center of the frame. “I wanted to bring you inside the world that was left out of that paragraph.” She called her script “Hard World for Small Things,” after a line from the 1955 film “The Night of the Hunter.”Anthony Batt, one of Wevr’s three founders and its head of content, is a forty-eight-year-old with artfully tousled hair and a bushy, graying beard. “Hard World for Small Things” would be a live-action short, with two scenes filmed on location.In March, 2015, Bravo went to Venice, on the western edge of Los Angeles, to meet with a production company called Wevr. “It sounded like a technical thing, and I’m not into technical. According to the police, he choked on a bag of drugs. Some of Wevr’s projects are computer-animated, some are live action, and some combine both elements. The first scene—five minutes of unhurried, semi-improvised dialogue—would place the viewer in a car as it wound through South Central L. The second, much shorter scene would take place inside the store.

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The pastry's sticky, off-white filling clings to the shaft of a bright pink vibrator, taped to the end of a silver, cone-shaped device with three arms that come together at a point and a horseshoe-shaped base.Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.