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“Coyotes are becoming an increasing threat in Minnesota and they are reportedly getting more aggressive and threatening,” Peterson said.“A bounty on them could help decrease their number and reduce the confrontations with humans, pets, and livestock.” That’s not the case, according to Conrad Christianson, DNR furbearer specialist.A HEAVIER gun (like 12s TEND to be), on the other hand can be an advantage if the shots are fairly long and you are shooting a lot. A few more pellets won't make much difference, compared to even a marginal difference in shooting skill, or an improvement in the gun's handling matching the intended targets.I switched to only a 20 or a 28 about 25 years ago. I have to pick the shots a bit to do as well with the 28, but it was fun to wow the troops with that little 28 Sx S. If you find a 12 Gauge that handles like, say, a 28" Beretta 20 Gauge O/U, you let me know. of #7.5 shot is more than plenty to knock down a dove. Like Virginian, I hit more doves with a smaller bore gun that swings more appropriately for doves.

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The block is at the shop, and I don't have that number right now. 3A12 and 3A13 indicate that the heads were cast on January 12th and 13th of the third year of some decade. ) this means that they were cast in 1973, 83 or 93. “Some of our oldest wildlife laws (dating back to the 1800s) were bounty laws.” Most recently, a wildlife club in North Dakota’s Richland County offered a bounty for each coyote killed.