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08-Feb-2018 04:40

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“It’s Rousey,” White said when asked who Holm’s next opponent.White also stamped his authority, showing no regard for Fresquez’s comments.Ronda Rousey ruled the UFC women’s bantamweight division for almost three years.She defended the title six times where most of her opponents only lasted in the first round.

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Rousey was unable to take Holm to the ground and could not answer her superior striking.

He’ll stump for Donald Trump, as he did at the GOP Convention, without worrying about alienating fans or cleaving public opinion. I’m gonna wrap it and call it a career’ I’m gonna be like, ‘Awesome. We’ll plan something.’ And if she calls me and says, ‘I want three more fights,’ she’s got it. JW: DW: So what happened was, that [election] night, it was actually my 20-year anniversary. Even Lorenzo had said to me, ‘Listen, don't even think about this. ‘ I didn't know then, I didn't know how done he really was. You can't bank on one fight doing that, especially a big fight where everything's involved, all the stakes are so high and everything else. We put great fights on all the cards so you could have those moments. Hanging on, staying loyal to each other through the good times and the bad.…Hitting things in business is definitely about the right idea at the right time. If you missed that f---ing episode, you never saw it, or reruns if it goes into syndication. ‘He's busy till, you know, 2022.’ DW: You think I’m a Golden Globes f---ing demographic?

He’ll tell you which fighters need to train harder or adopt a more entertaining style. I was at my favorite restaurant here [in Manhattan]. He's in this fight.’ So me and my wife got up, came back here to the hotel, and started watching it. That's what a lot of people think, ‘These guys were covering it up, they were lying, doing this.’ This was a process that we'd been through many times. Boxing, that's why you got the guys that run around in circles and actually don't fight. DW: Individual versus individual, one-on-one sport, completely different. My son, first game of the season, broke his collarbone. Timing is everything, but you also have to be with the right people. My kids will sit down and knock out a whole season of DW: Yes. What Frank, Lorenzo and I were able to accomplish is incredible. [laughs] Obviously as soon as it happened, everyone—friends, family, fighters—started blowing me up about it…I don't have any ill will toward Meryl Streep. I don’t expect an older lady of her age to be in the demographic—not that she couldn’t be—and you know what I learned?

In the second round, Holm knocked out Rousey and claimed the UFC women’s bantamweight belt.

The former champ took the defeat seriously and admitted that she contemplated suicide.

Maybe most jarringly, Ronda Rousey—once the UFC’s center of gravity; indestructible when she fought and refreshingly accessible when she didn’t—was not just been beaten, but beaten badly (“smashed,” in UFC locution) in her last two fights.