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25-Oct-2017 07:24

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So, to start, the law of chastity, as officially defined, is: No sexual relations except with a spouse to whom you are legally and lawfully married.

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Can a same-sex couple live together, love each other, come to church holding hands and sit together in the chapel, hold callings and be okay church-wise, as long as they don’t have sex?

Lately, he's been talking about us potentially being married in a year or two, but we both know we both want to wait, to be sure. He went to the actual ceremony in the Temple (in the afternoon) while I walked around the temple grounds (not because I was unworthy, but because I'm not endowed yet).

Between the ceremony and the reception that evening, we went to his brother's apartment to eat lunch.

Let’s figure this out by calculating some data points.

Start off by asking the question: Is hand-holding a sexual relation?PART I: Black-letter law; “normal” analysis Let’s start with the points that everyone agrees on.

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