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10-Feb-2018 18:34

While I'm very happy for anything to be working after so much time, I still feel like this is a bad hack for this to work.I have a hard time fathoming why this seemingly simple use of the Grid View on my part has turned out to be very complicated.The first example shows a Web page that contains two Object Data Source controls, a Drop Down List control, and a Details View control.The first Object Data Source control and the Drop Down List control are used to retrieve and display employee names from the database.

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Object Datasource and Custom Object Hey, I have an object datasource that populates a detailsview. the other way I suppose is to itterate through all the controls within in it? In C# code, I'm setting them to a variable.//this code doesn't work, there is no filter applied...unless I rebind the control right after this s...Now, I need to be able to modify the data that is returned. Details View with Templated Columns and Object Datasource I have a solution to the following question but I would really like is a more effiecent and appropriate solution. Using an object datasource it can be as easy as adding a Details View and a Grid View to your page, setting your styles and data attributes and your off. Set Style Attribute("Left", false, val, true); This works fine but my visual studio 2005 / 2.0 says that the Behavior object is obsolete. But when i use it to set the Style attribute it doesn't work . Then i have tier of Business, where i doing link of Business Logic and Data Acess Logic.The modifications are based on the data in each cell, so I need the ability to do IF statements and things like that. This works fine if you are ok with the basic presentation format allowed by these controls. Inserting using Details View and object Datasource how do I provide feedback as to whether my insert has worked or not? I can set all other attributes or even create new ones using this Tag object but it does'nt work for the style attribute at all. If I can't set the style attribute in my custom contr... Update Relational Business Object by Details View and Object Data Source Hi Guys, I´m new in Forum, and too. Finally, view tier whre a i have an Object Data Source and an Details View componentes. Gridview Search Without Object Datasource Filter Parameters Gridview Search Without Object Datasource Filter Parameters Couple weeks ago I read a article about highlighted search in Gridview ( and in my project I used things I learned but now things changed I have a gridview and in code I give its datasource so because I dont use any objectdatasource I dont know where to write my filtering parameters.This effectively removes the additional parameters from being added. There doesn't appear to be any values actually being passed into this method. Can anyone explain to me why my values are not being carried forward?

I've spent about a day and a half working on this issue and was able to get around this by just going with the Grid View's Row Updating event and grabbing values from grid to manually get it to update.

Hi, I am using a gridview with several boundfields and anothers with itemtemplates and edititemtemplates using labels and textboxes... That is something we are looking at for version 3.0. On the real production Windows 2003 R2 server (IIS 6.0) no matter what I do, dates greater than the 12th of any month won't save. If the User tries again to create his Account - WITH OR WITHOUT TOUCHING THE 'ANSWER' FIELD - i effectively get an EMPTY 'Answer' Field in my Event Handler.