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In the year since its first release it has undergone a number of revisions and updates via Support Pack and Note.One of the complicating factors for some customers can be the use of custom tax data in the SAP tables.Today, my ESS/MSS friend assigned me a defect that said “CO state W4 could not be found on ESS Screen when the Employee changed his/her address to CO state”.

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It got difficult to find out standard FM or creating a program to update the records in the table. Before going to development part, we need to understand what collection history is. ls_rsm_attr-coll_segment = ls_rsm_attributes-coll_segment.

Here iam allowing the user to select Category Name based on the data table key Category ID previously selected, similarly Company Name based on the key value Supplier ID previously selected.

This kind of constraint restricts the user to select only those records provided in the drop down as a result the relation ship between the tables is maintained correctly while allowing the user to update following the conditions.2.

You can specify the name of the database table either directly in the form dbtab or at runtime as contents of the field dbtabname .

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Effect Updates values in a database table (see Relational database ).

As you can see, there are several other configurable options other than just W4.